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Enterprise Culture

  Enterprise PurposesServe customers Return shareholders Successf or staf Fre-feeding society
  Management MottoCommunication is the first way to solve the problem Assessment is the best supplement to solve the problem Ideological and political work is the fundamental weapon to solve the problem
  Innovation MottoDo what others haven’t done and can’t do. Think what others haven’t thought and can’t think of.
  Crisis MottoTo create crisis is to stay away from it. To ignore crisis is to approach it.
  Company CreedCreativity - will always burst out from the pace of human society Be conscience people Make conscience products Build conscience enterprise Be honest
  Implement MottoLearning first Rapid response F orthwith action Proper supervision
  Core ValuesInnovation People-oriented Improvement Pormising Altruism Build a team with ideal, good thinking, hard working and altitude.
  Core CompetitivenessUnique Self-perfection Continuous innovation Nurturing kindness Creaitng scale
  Work MottoWork: not just a job, but also a mission. Management: not just management, but also a responsibility. Working for mission is joy, working for responsibility is obligation.
  Development StrategyStick to the sustainable development of specialization and industrial chain.
  Self-examination MottoQuestion: Where is left to be mentioned. Reflection: What obligation is still to be fulfilled. Enlightenment: What is left undone, what can be done better and where the obligation is.
  Gratitude MottoGratitude to our parents who give us birth. Gratitude to our family who gives us shelter. Gratitude to our teachers who teach us. Gratitude to our colleagues who help us. Gratitude to our company who gives us career. Gratitude to our society who gives us opportunity.
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