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With a total registered capital of 89.99 million CNY, Jiangsu Maida New Materials Co., Ltd was set up based on the scale of the original Nanjing Maida New Materials Technology Co., Ltd in October, 2010.

With rapid development of international and domestic food production and producing industry, processing industry of forage production, petrochemical industry, automobile industry and so on, demands of high-quality foodstuff and feed-grade antioxidant additive BHT are gradually on the rise. For a long course, by applying new technology and formula and new equipment technology and by relying on its own strength, Jiangsu Maida Investment Development Co., Ltd sets up large-scaled professional foodstuff and feed-grade BHT addictive production devices featuring domestic and international first-grade equipment technologies, automatic controlling technique flow system and large scale in the industry worldwide in Nanjing Chemical Industry Zone, a state-level petrochemical base under the overall back-up of Nanjing Municipal, Jiangsu Provincial and National Development and Reform Commission as well as Industry and Informatization Ministry; meanwhile, it also builds a technological research center on professional techniques and production equipment technologies featuring the largest scale in the industry, top-notch equipment and completed facilities; the base covers an area of 46000 square meters with a total investment estimated at 300 million Yuan.

The Company has formed the largest scaled device and system with an actual annual production of foodstuff antioxidant addictive BHT products totaling 20000 tons, feed-grade antioxidant addictive products totaling 10000 tons and refined-grade metacresol reaching 10000 tons.

Also, the Group opens such modern industrial clusters involving logistics companies, professional research and development industry, arts and culture education, properties, trade of products materials, import and export of products materials devices and intelligent internet marketing, etc.

By sticking to technology and market as the guidance for all along, the Company adheres to the development strategies of ‘dominating main industry, professionalism and focus, scaled services, considering relevant industries and fields, and backed up by internet electronic techniques.”, closely follows the market, conducts scientific management, gradually improves comprehensive management level and economic proceeds for always, and takes a leading position among the global industry in cost controlling, technique innovation, technological research and development, scale effects, automatic controlling and products detection and monitoring.

“Lark” brand enjoys high fame both in China and in the world as a whole with its products popularly sold in such sectors and enterprises as in middle and high-end grain and oil processing, feed, petrochemical engineering, base materials, new model materials, pharmacy and medical instrument, pesticide, sports goods, chemical fiber, spinning, printing and dyeing industry and so on and sold far in all parts of the world including Taiwan, China, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, Europe and North America.

The Company has won the following awards:

Honor on National “High Technology Company”

Honor on Jiangsu Provincial “High Technology Products”

National Foodstuff “National Industrial Products Production License”

National Forage “National Industrial Products Production License”

Nanjing Private Technology Enterprise

Nanjing Famous Brand

Jiangsu Provincial Famous Brand

Honor of Jiangsu Enterprise Abiding by Contract and Adhering to Integrity

The Factory enjoys a beautiful environment, superior living and working conditions by employees and completed facilities and devices on entertainment, education, training, sports and leisure; its corporate culture and traditional awareness on filial piety and morality is deeply rooted in all family members of the enterprise.

With new starting point and new leap, Jiangsu Maida Investment Development Co., Ltd under Jiangsu Lark Holding Group follows the established medium and long-term development strategic goal, reinforces technological innovation force and implementation building, fully demonstrates comprehensive advantages, integrity advantages, quality advantages, talents advantages, management advantages and technology advantages of the brand, aims at high-end genre, quickens transformation, upgrading and reform of new techniques, and forges a 100-year-old Maida with honesty and builds a 100-year-old brand of Lark.

Group ProfileGroup ProfileGroup ProfileGroup ProfileGroup ProfileGroup Profile

the General Manager

That Jiangsu Lark Holding Group (Jiangsu Maida New Materials Technology Co., Ltd, Nanjing Maida New Materials Technology Co., Ltd, Nanjing Jingdian New Materials Technology Co., Ltd) can achieve today’s sustainable development and progress is attributed to long-term persistent trust, support, assistance and care of employees of the Group, extensive suppliers both home and abroad, trustworthy users, partners of the same field and all parts of sectors as well as organizations of all walks; I would hereby send our sincere gratitude to the whole employees, international and domestic suppliers, trustworthy users, partners of the same industry and all sectors as well as friends from organizations of all walks on behalf of the Group.

Products branded Lark under our Group take the lead in winning famous brand Honor in the same field and Jiangsu Provincial “famous trademark” honor; it takes the lead to win foodstuff ‘national industrial products production license’, forage ‘national industrial products production license.” Its main foodstuff ‘BHT’ additive wins the Honor of Jiangsu Provincial “High Technology Products”. The Company is awarded the title as a National ‘High-tech Enterprise’ and sets up a scaled and professional new model production base in Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park, a state-level petrochemical industrial base as a key project for ‘National Industrial Invigoration and Technological Reform for 2012’.

By keeping going and keeping abreast with the time, all employees in Jiangsu Lark Holding Group (Jiangsu Maida Investment Development Co., Ltd, Nanjing Maida New Materials Technology Co., Ltd, Nanjing Jingdian New Materials Technology Co., Ltd) take the enterprise spirits of ‘innovation, improvement, people-oriented, promising and altruism’ and provide carefree ‘delicate products and all-around services’ to its extensive users for all along. With its development, management and cooperation tenet and ideas featuring ‘technological research and development, professionalism and focus, sustainable improvement, harmonious management, quality first, comprehensive services, integrity and keeping promises’ and ‘Lark Belonging to the World and China’ and ‘Maida Petrochemical Serves Your Success’, we are earnestly conducting widespread coordination and cooperation with friends, companies, organizations and industries of all walks both in China and the world as a whole.

Dear friends, let us work together in a joint effort to innovate, to progress together and to create win-win.

It’s my sincere wish that friends, organizations, factories and entrepreneurs both home and abroad a glorious business, promising business, happy work (life) and all the happiness in your family.

fuxing Chen

★ Top 100 among Chinese Fine Chemical Engineering Companies

★ Top 10 Companies in antioxidant Industry

★ World First-grade Enterprise in Foodstuff, Forage BHT Additive Products

★ Lark Brand wins famous brand in global antioxidant additive

In 1998, founding of Nanjing Maida Chemical Plant, the parent company, starting of fine chemical engineering

In 2001, founding of Nanjing Maida New Materials Technology Co., Ltd

In 2003, it took the leading in winning the sole certified company of national license on foodstuff BHT products

In 2005, the Company extends to the largest scaled enterprise in foodstuff BHT manufacturing industry in China

In 2010, founding of Jiangsu Maida Investment Development Co., Ltd

In October, 2013, phase one of 10000-ton foodstuff BHT products device was completed and put into operation

In 2014, reorganization of Jiangsu Naaike New Materials Co., Ltd as a parent company, and building of Jiangsu Lark Holding group

In 2014, production license for national foodstuff BHT products

In 2014, production license for national forage BHT products

In 2014, it wins certification on national high technology technical company

In 2014, it wins certification on Jiangsu high technology products

In 2015, scheduled building of Nanjing Municipal Research & Development Technology Device Center

In 2015, scheduled set-up of national high-tech products certification

In 2015, scheduled set-up of Jiangsu provincial ‘famous brand’

Development History
Cultural Ideas

Cultural Ideas
★ Company Tenet
Serve customers, pay back shareholders, accomplish employees, reimburse the society
★ Management Motto
Communication is the first channel to solve problems, assessment is the best supplementing to address problems, ideological and political work serves the basic treasures to tackle problems
★ Innovation Motto
To do what others do not do and cannot do, to think different from others
★ Crisis Motto
To create crisis is to stay away from crisis, to ignore crisis is to approach crisis
★ Company Creeds
Creativity----it is endlessly bursting out with the progression steps of human society
To be a conscientious company, to produce qualified products, to build a conscientious enterprise, to pursue integrity forever
★ Implementation Motto
Learning comes first, rapid response, forthwith action, proper supervision
★ Core Value Concept
Innovation, people-centered, improvement, promising, altruism
To build an ideal team that is into reflection, hard work, studying and structure
★ Core Competitiveness
Unique, self-perfection, sustainable innovation, fostering of goodness, building scale
★ Work Motto
Work: not just a job, but a mission
Management: not just management, but a responsibility
To work for a mission is joy; to work for responsibility is obligation
★ Development Strategies
To stick to the sustainable development road of ‘professional and industrial chain’
★ Self-examination Motto
Question: what is left to be mentioned;
Reflection: what obligations not to be fulfilled;
Understanding: what is left undone, things to be worked on, things to be improved, things failing to be assumed.
★ Gratitude Motto
Gratitude to our parents who give birth to us
Gratitude to our family who give us shelter
Gratitude to our teachers who give us instruction
Gratitude to our peers who give us help
Gratitude to our Company who give us a joy
Gratitude to our society who give us a chance


Group Aptitude
Group Aptitude
Group Honors

Group Honors


Group Vision

Group Vision
★ Strategic Ideas

With overall safety and environmental quality management as the basis, with intensifying budget, capital and assets operation as the emphasis, with in-depth research and development of foodstuff and forage antioxidant as the main business, with the cultural operation of filial conduct prevailing as reliance, with output scale, industrial chain extension and development of new materials as the growing point, and with recycle & use of energy and resources as the sally port, the Company is in an attempt to forging a sustainable and lasting company that shows cares to its employees and takes responsibilities for the society.

★ Strategic Goals

By 2016, the company will achieve annual output of foodstuff BHT products totaling 20000 tons, forage BHT products reaching 10000 tons and an operation revenue achieving 1.5 billion Yuan; by 2018, the Company will go to IPO, the first move of its industry; in 2020, it will move towards Top 100 Companies in fine chemical engineering industry (refers to seven aspects covering capacity scale, assets profit margin, profit ratio of sales, profit rate on funds, industry chain cluster, team construction and corporate culture); it will become a company holding utmost responsibilities towards it employees, having top Honors towards the society and yielding utmost profits to customers.

★ Corporate Vision

During building and development process of the Company, Maida has been dedicated itself to the corporate cultural idea with filial conduct as the core and to turning Maida as a societal and national enterprise by relying on and repaying the society.

With corporate cultural construction as the core and educational training as measures, the Company has been constantly improving team qualities and exploration of capacities so that employees would not only witness an improvement of skills and qualities but also confront life, society and their family with an upbeat and sound mindsets and grow to people with noble sentiments who are willing to help others and devote their compassion towards both the society and others.

In terms of corporate construction, we pay more attention on treasuring and gratitude towards resources. In the strategic planning of Lark Maida, we have been forever rooting in three central points and starting points namely: full and efficient use of resources, overt protection on the environment and sincere care on mental and physical health of employees by eyeing the future.

To make the most of an enterprise is to pursue conscience by putting into practice considerations on use and costs of customers, commitment towards social responsibilities, responsibility towards each employee and family and joint improvement on employees’ values and responsibilities; we would dedicate ourselves to moral marketing behaviors to guide behaviors; hold responsibilities towards the industry, customers and the environment; aggregate healthy and happy life and sound and sustainable development of an enterprise to sense of responsibilities and mission of the enterprise and its employees so as to build and create a harmonious, sound and most responsible business platform with sustainable profit-making capacities.

▲ To finish Phase-II production devices on new techniques and products and try realizing a sales income of 1.5 million Yuan within five years

▲ To be listed in main board and become a worldly first-grade comprehensive scaled enterprise on antioxidant BHT and a series of professional products and industry chains within six years.

▲ To always maintain and elevate the corporate image of ‘safety, environmental protection, ecological, low-carbon, beautiful factory, happiness of employees’.

▲ To become a public enterprise with more social sense of responsibilities

▲ To popularize social public education and training on compassion featuring ‘virtue coming first, filial piety covering all’, to build a solid foundation of corporate culture and to benefit all members and families

Contact Means

Contact Means
Jiangsu Maida New Materials Co., Ltd
Address: No. 69, South Guanqu Road, Nanjing Chemical Industry Park
H.Q. phone: +86-25-58002622
Fax of H.Q.:+86-25-85570689 Postcode: 210047
MSN:[email protected]
E-MAIL:[email protected]

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